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Bioclimatic pergolas
The energy crisis, global warming and generally soaring ecological problems today, make compliance with the principles of bioclimatic architecture more urgent than ever. In the field of shading and sun protection, the bioclimatic pergolas Floper, Opera and Vision of Floros fine shading offer the most innovative and effective solution. They provide significant electricity savings, while fully aligned with the requirements of bioclimatic architecture, and any architectural design, offering the perfect aesthetic and functional result.
The use of a bioclimatic pergola is designed to provide maximum comfort to the exterior of a building in terms of temperature, lighting and ventilation, which is achieved thanks to the physical configuration of air and sun allowed by the construction. Additionally, the structure of the pergola allows protection from heavy rain and strong wind, creating a fully weatherproof outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round regardless of season and weather.
The bioclimatic pergolas of Floros fine shading are the latest innovative products of bioclimatic building facade shading, and are always made with respect for people and the environment from 99% recyclable materials, and have a long life. Especially Floper pergola is produced entirely in the production unit of Floros fine shading, according to the strictest European standards. 



Shading Systems
The shading and solar protection requirements in a particular climate such as the Mediterranean, characterized by intense and constant sunshine, are elevated and require the use of products that meet very specific and high standards. The external or internal shading systems, Bara, Casette, Rido, and Lydia of Floros fine shading are specially designed and perfectly adapted to these special and demanding requirements.They are mainly awnings and pergolas that offer complete protection from the effects of overexposure to sunlight, while helping to protect the environment and reduce heating and cooling costs of a building. 
Especially today, bioclimatic architectural design of buildings requires increasingly using passive technologies such as shading systems with bioclimatic standards, which provide a proven reduction in the temperature of structured spaces up to 10˚C. More specifically, by controlling adequately the natural light from the external environment, they ensure spectacular savings of the energy required for cooling or heating, especially in Mediterranean countries during the summer, while creating a pleasant and cool environment. 



Shading Fabrics
Choosing the right sun protection fabric is vital, so that a shading system apart from being elegant is also effective; i.e. adequately protects from harmful UVB sunlight while providing comfort and natural shade to any space. It is also a very important factor that will determine the lifetime of the system, since the external use entails great stress from the weather and beyond. So when choosing shading fabrics - awning fabrics emphasis should first be placed on high construction standards and then to aesthetics, color or their design.
The fabrics Paradise eco-plus / Tempotest of the Italian firm PARA, which are sold by Floros fine shading, are of the latest technology and style. They are the perfect choice for any architect or interior designer, combining perfect shading with the unparalleled aesthetics of fashionable Italian design. Incorporated into any open space, offering ultimate protection from UV radiation, while decorating the room with colors and designs adapted to the trends of the time. Thanks to their unique construction technology, the excellent quality dye of the fiber and their innovative finish with Teflon, they feature superb resistance to water, mold, oil, salts, stains, while preventing fading of colors from sunlight.