R & D

Research & development
Floros Fine Shading is continually seeking for the development, innovation, expansion and consolidation in new markets. Having secured leading partnerships across Europe, it researches and develops materials, components and shading systems that fit perfectly to the climatic conditions of Greece, and the other Balkan countries. Its production place is the workshop of product development and the starting point for its growth. People consider it "home" and, it is this which distinguishes it from the competitors, who just sell imported products.
Floros Fine Shading is in continuous search of new materials, technologies and partnerships, so that each time it is able to respond to the changing needs of domestic and international market for innovative and more specialized shading systems. It invests in research and development of new or improved products and solutions in order to continue to lead in modern, demanding and rapidly evolving markets.
In this context, Floros Fine Shading consistently enriches its workforce with experienced and respected executives in research and development. It leverages new technologies and cares to constantly expand the wide range of its products including cassette awnings, awnings with arms, awnings with trusses, canopy curtains, aluminum pergolas, pergolas with awning and more. It implements new design and technological methods, and fully utilizes integrated processing and production processes in order to constantly confirm its reputation as the most innovative, efficient, reliable and constantly growing company in the field of shading.